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These organizations utilize our appraisal services. We recommend them without reservation as reputable sources for the purchase or consignment of

 A. E. Backus, Florida Highwaymen and Indian River School artworks. 

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"Having Florida Art Appraisals as an expert and independent source for appraisals and authentications is a great asset to my business and my clients. Kathleen is a true professional and I can always count on her for prompt and accurate service"

Howard Brassner, Owner of Art Link International

“Kathleen was my immediate predecessor at the A.E. Backus Museum. Her specific area of expertise is borne from her deep and personal knowledge of Florida’s most prominent artists. She was very close to A.E. Backus, spending a great deal of time with him at his studio. She knows all the living Original Highwaymen (and worked with many of those since deceased) and is personally familiar with the circle of artists connected to the Indian River School of Art. She has examined countless paintings by these artists, organized exhibitions of their work, facilitated scholarship and cultivated her own connoisseurship throughout the process. Her expertise is unparalleled and meets a crucial need in the state and beyond for professional and ethical assessments of works of art.

J. Marshall Adams, Executive Director of The A. E. Backus Museum & Gallery

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