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Kathleen P. Fredrick

Kathleen Piowaty Fredrick quite literally spent her life immersed in Florida art. She is a noted expert on the artwork of A.E. Backus, The Florida Highwaymen and the Indian River School of artists.  As a teen, Kathleen spent her free time at the late A. E. “Bean” Backus’ studio-home watching him paint, meeting his prestigious list of clients, becoming friends with his students and soaking up lessons on life and art.  A close friend of the famed artist, her early connection with Backus fostered a lifelong love of Florida’s wild places and for the paintings that depict them best.

Kathleen began her time with the Backus organization in 1991 as a board member. Becoming the Executive Director in 1999, Kathleen began the challenging task of transforming the community-based gallery into the nationally recognized A.E. Backus Museum of Art.      

Kathleen Fredrick headshot.jpg
Kathleen P. Fredrick, President of Florida Art Appraisals

Kathleen stewarded the capital campaign and multi-million dollar facility expansion of the museum, establishing it as the nation’s foremost repository of works by Backus, the Highwaymen and the Indian River School of painters. During her 27 years there she was instrumental in raising the funds to expand the museum’s permanent collection of Backus and Indian River School paintings from 15 to more than 150. Additionally, Kathleen collaborated on the writing and publishing of Florida-focused art books, nationally-aired documentaries and remains a sought-after speaker at art and cultural gatherings.

During her tenure with the Backus Museum, Kathleen curated dozens of A. E. Backus, Florida Highwaymen and Florida regional artist exhibitions. Working closely with the Museum’s collection curator, Don D. Brown, she collaborated on appraisals and authentications of hundreds of works by Florida’s most prestigious artists. Furthermore, Kathleen supervised the conservation and restoration of countless artworks by noted artists from around the globe.

Kathleen P. Fredrick pictured with Doretha Hair-Truesdell

Now retired from her multifaceted museum career, she brings her more than forty years of expertise to assist Florida art collectors in determining the accurate value of their collections. A member of the Florida Association of Museums, American Society of Appraisers and an Associate Candidate of the Appraisers Association of America, Kathleen is not only knowledgeable and independent, she is the most qualified person to appraise your A. E. Backus, Florida Highwaymen and

Indian River School paintings. 

Kathleen & Bean.jpg
Kathleen P. Fredrick with A. E. "Bean" Backus, 1987

Certificates of Achievement

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