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Online Appraisal

Back Country Sunset,  by Harold Newton 

Digital technology has changed the world of art appraising. Today, an accurate appraisal of most artwork can be accomplished online.  With online appraisals the owner of the painting will photograph the artwork according to the appraiser's criteria. Additionally, an owner will need to provide the required supporting information. The online appraisal process is a beneficial partnership between the owner and the appraiser. Accurate appraisals can be obtained in less time and at a lower cost than with the traditional in person appraisal process.

As part of the online process, owners will be required to photograph their artwork in several different ways. A fancy camera is not necessary to achieve good results, but photographs must be in focus, free from glare and show the entire image, including any framing. Odd as this may sound, the photographs of the painting needs to be square, parallelograms will not suffice. The photographs submitted must show the entire front and back of the painting. Any covering or paper on the back of the artwork must be removed to allow full viewing of the back of the artwork. Closeups of the artist’s signature, the four quadrants of the piece and any additional markings found on the back must be clearly shown. The owner will need to carefully measure the artwork and the frame. Information pertaining to the piece’s history, means of acquisition, any previous conservation or restoration work performed, previous exhibitions or publishing will be requested. If the piece has been previously appraised, a copy of the prior appraisal will be requested. In short, an appraisal is only as good as the images and information provided by the owner and the knowledge and independence of the appraiser. Working together, the owner and the appraiser can produce an accurate and complete appraisal that will stand up to scrutiny.

Online appraisals are a partnership between the owner and the appraiser. Both must hold up their end of the bargain. Out of focus or distorted photographs or incomplete information will result in a hold being put on the appraisal. The owner will be notified of the problems and requested to resubmit the entire form and images again. A resubmittal fee of $50.00 will be charged. It pays to take your time and complete the form and photographs carefully.

Online Basic Appraisals: $400 - Price may be more depending upon the complexity of the project. Additional research time billed at $100 per hour. Multiples by the same artist may qualify for a discount.

Resubmittal fee for incomplete information or unacceptable images $50 per submittal.

All Fees must be paid in full prior to the delivery of appraisals. Owners will receive both a digital copy of their appraisals via email as well as a hard copy via traditional mail.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for completion and delivery or your appraisal via email.

For those who need an appraisal right away, there will be an Expedited Appraisal Fee of $200.00 per appraisal.

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