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In Person Appraisal

Golden Afternoon By: Jackie Brice

In-Person Appraisals have long been the industry standard. Truth be told, it is hard to beat seeing a piece of art first hand. With a live appraisal, the appraiser does all the work. The artwork is examined and extensively photographed. The appraiser takes notes on quality, condition, markings and other notable issues. As such, this type of appraisal costs more, but in many cases is less difficult for the owner. Sometimes these appraisals are done at the owner’s home or office. In other instances, the artwork is brought to the appraiser at an appraisal event or at another designated location.

As a service to our clients, several times a year Florida Art Appraisals schedules appraisal events throughout Florida. These events provide collectors an opportunity to have their artwork appraised without the travel costs and other costs associated with an onsite appraisal.


For those who wish the ease and simplicity of an onsite appraisal in their home or office, a date and time can be scheduled. The base appraisal cost is just a little more than for an online appraisal, and will be additional charges for time and travel added to the base appraisal fee.

Base Appraisal Rate for In-Person Appraisal: $400 per painting - Price may be more depending upon the complexity of the project.

Travel Fee: $ .70 per mile, minimum charge $25.00

Travel Time, On-site Evaluation, Research: $100.00 per hour, minimum charge

All Fees must be paid in full prior to the delivery of appraisals. Owners will receive both a digital copy of their appraisals via email as well as a hard copy via traditional mail.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for completion and delivery or your appraisal via email. 

For those who need an appraisal right away, there will be an expedited appraisal fee of $200.00 per appraisal completed.

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