Naples, FL 3-Day Appraisal Event

Thursday, Feb 20th 1pm-5pm; Friday, Feb 21st 1pm -5pm Saturday, Feb 22nd 1pm - 5pm
Naples, FL 3-Day Appraisal Event

Time & Location

Feb, 20th through Feb 22nd from 1PM to 5PM
Arsenault Gallery, 1199 3rd St S, Naples, FL 34102, USA

About the Event

The Arsenault Gallery is pleased to offer Naples, FL an opportunity to obtain professional fine art appraisals with a 3-Day fine art appraisal event conducted by Florida Art Appraisals, LLC. Offering professional, written appraisals which comply with the national Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). USPAP standards, established by the national appraisal associations in conjunction with insurance companies and the Internal Revenue Service set the bar for quality, unbiased evaluation of your artwork. Kathleen Fredrick, president of Florida Art Appraisals will be in the Arsenault Gallery performing on-site evaluations of your artwork on: Thursday, February 20th through Saturday, February 22nd from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.    


Those who preregister for the appraisal event online will receive a $50 discount on their first appraisal.


If you prefer to schedule your appraisal from the comfort of your home, we are happy to accommodate you for an additional fee. In-home appraisals are available on Sunday, February 23 through Tuesday, February 25th

In-home appointments may be scheduled by clicking here.


While Kathleen, specializes in Florida Art, her expertise also extends to the works of Emil Gruppe, Emmett Fritz, Martin Johnson Heade, Herman Herzog, George Inness, Winslow Homer and other notable 19th and 20th century American painters; many of whom spent their winters in Florida. Additionally, Kathleen is well versed in post-war and contemporary art with a sub-specialty in Latin American art. However, she do not appraise Asian Art as it is a distinct specialty beyond her scope of expertise.   


Please bring your actual artwork from your collection with you. A photograph of the piece is not substantial enough to satisfy the needs of the appraisal process. Those seeking an appraisal will receive a comprehensive written appraisal and evaluation of their artwork approximately 30 days after their initial consultation. Payment is expected at the time of appraisal consultation. Standard appraisals start at $300. However, fees may vary based upon the extent of research time required. Most standard appraisals do not require additional research, however if it is needed, the client will be consulted prior to additional work and fees being assessed. All fees must be paid in full before a completed appraisal will be released. Clients can expect their completed appraisals via email with a hard copy to follow via USPS. 

Please remember to bring any and all documents detailing the history of your artwork(s) with you to your appraisal. This includes but is not limited to: previous appraisals, sales records, historical relevancy, museum exhibitions, restoration work, ect. 


Don’t miss this opportunity to work with a true professional in determining the value of your artwork. Endorsed by the A.E. Backus Museum, Artlink International, Florida Highwaymen Gallery and many other notable fine arts institutions, Kathleen brings years of firsthand knowledge and professional training to every appraisal. A member of the American Association of Appraisers, The American Society of Appraisers and the Appraisal Institute of America, Kathleen offers you the expertise you need to value and protect your treasures. 

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